A couple of months back I completed a website for Auto Shine Repairs, an accident and damage repair shop in Aberystwyth for cars, motorbikes and vans. Turned out to be the best new client I have made in a while...

Evan at Auto Shine Repairs approached me a few months ago to make a new website for his vehicle accident and damage repair shop in Llanbadarn, Aberystwyth. It wasn't an unususal story - Auto Shine Repairs were being charged a great deal of money and not getting anywhere near the expected results from the agency they were using for their website. The simple, templated theme offered visitors to the site enough information but without really selling the company to potential new customers. Evan and the team work hard to give their customers great results and there was no way of showing off the before and afters of their repair work. Images were generic... there was plenty of room for improvement and Auto Shine had used their experiences to grasp exactly what they wanted their website to achieve and they knew how much it should be costing too.

"48 hours later and my van is back on my driveway welded and fully repaired..."

BMW car respray and repair in Aberystwyth

BMW car respray and repair in Aberystwyth

Using P1 Media for their accident repair centre website

So I was approached by Evan (the owner at Auto Shine Repairs), it was a word of mouth referral - One of my favourite ways of gaining new customers because it means high praises are being sung. It plays well in to my professional ego! I was very quickly drafted with both the problem and the solution which showed me that there was ambition with the company, a brilliant starting block for any web designer. I was shown the current website along with a few other websites as examples of what they wanted to achieve and also told of some attributes the website needed to help Evan and his team streamline the administrative tasks of the company.

One of the problems which lay ahead was that the domain name in use was tied down by the existing web design agency - This meant the new website needed a new domain name to live on. Overcoming this was finding a domain name which suited the company (Auto Shine Repairs) and finding one that was available and memorable. This is where www.autoshinerepairs.co.uk was born.

Making the website user friendly for everyone

Auto Shine Repairs existing website was templated and unresponsive so the task was to create a website which looked and performed as was expected by Evan and his team, while displaying equally as well on tablets and smartphones and being user friendly for anyone browsing the website on any device. We did this by building the website to be responsive - Adjusting it's size and layout automatically to display clearly on any device.

Additional website features

One of the key areas where Auto Shine Repair's website needed advancing was the way customers contact them. A simple contact form was not suitable where the company needed access to images of damaged vehicles in order to quickly quote customers for repairs. An upload form was created to allow customers to take photos of their damaged car, van or motorbike and upload them to the website easily with an accompanying message.

Website branding

Alongside my creating of a new website for the Aberystwyth based company, Auto Shine Repairs were making alterations to their branding. This needed to be reflected on the new website so we worked closely to ensure the branding of the website was in-line with the overall company branding, making Auto Shine Reapirs easily recognisable through any marketing avenue, across social media and on all their printed marketing.

Launching the new Auto Shine Repairs website in Aberystwyth

Once everyone was happy with the website and it was functioning seamlessly and according to the original brief, the website was submitted to Google, all the other major search engines and listed on business directories and social media websites to gain maximum exposure from day 1.

My experience when my car needed repair work...

I worked very closely with the company throughout the website build, getting to know the business, what they do, what they want to achieve and how they do it all. I made several visits to the business premises is Glan-yr-Afon Industrial Estate on the outskirts of Aberystwyth and was lucky enough to witness, on several occasions, the work that goes on there for their customers.

When I think of accident damage repairs I think of panels being replaced on cars. Do they not just get delivered one day and you unbolt the old one and stick the new one on? Naive isn't the word. Panel beating to get dented cars back to shape, plastic welding on accident damaged motorbikes, respraying panels or entire veihcles... There is so much that goes in to repairing damaged vehicles that I could never have realised until I saw it for myself.

What exacltly was it that made Auto Shine Repairs so special? I have to pinpoint several factors for this, customer service being just the start of it. Friendly, welcoming and clearly explaining what they do made it easy for me to understand the business and if anything it made me want to do more for them. Immediately after walking through the reception door on my first arrival I was offered a cuppa. That's won me over already! A few questions asked on my part and the answers were immediate and precise. "Yes we do that", "do you want to see how that is done?", explanations that I understood. Perfect.

My whole experience of working with Auto Shine Repairs was a pleasant one and somewhat exciting when I got to see first hand how professional the whole operation is. So, as is inevitable with any car, van  or motorbike owner my time came in due course and I needed some repair work of my own doing.

My problem was with my work van. I have a transit panel van which I use for my work (yep, a web deisgner with a white van. But it's far more useful to me than a car would ever be!). MOT time came, I went to the local garage just because its 2 minutes away and it failed on some corrosion issues towards the rear wheel arches. "I know a guy" my mind yelled excitedly. 11:30 on a Tuesday morning I knew Evan would be busy so I sent a message on Facebook to which I get "send me some photos on the website" as an almost immediate response. So I go outside, take some photos on my phone and then, with a smug expression on my face lay across the driveway and proceed to upload them to Auto Shine Repairs website from my Samsung.

About 15 minutes later and I get a reply from Evan and I quote it as follows:

"Hi Jon. There is slight corrosion at the end of the suspension mountings. If you gently press your finger against it you'll see what I mean. Bring it in the next time you're passing and we'll get that sorted for you. Cheers, Evan".

How easy was that?! Because the photos I uploaded went straight to Evan's email inbox he was able to see them on his phone and get back to me straight away. He even pointed out the exact problem to me so I knew what was going on and what work Auto Shine Repairs were going to undertake. I had already met and gotten to know Evan and his team so I was unsuprised by how straightforward this all was. Had I of been a new customer I would be thoroughly impressed by the clear and concise response.

48 hours later and my van is back on my driveway welded and fully repaired, the rusted, corroded area has vanished, it's all fixed and colour matched for good measure. The van now has it's MOT test pass certificate for another 12 months. Unsuprisingly the MOT tester couldn't wait to hear where I'd had the repairs done. His response was an approving nod which was exactly what I could have expected.

If you're looking for a reliable place for vehicle repairs, accident damage repairs or anything from paintwork repair, bumps, dinks and scartches to be repaired on your car then high praise and my absolute recommendation goes to Auto Shine Repairs in Aberystwyth.

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