Is your web designer letting you down? Here we let you know how hard (or easy) it is to change from one web designer to another and allowing a new website manager to take over and better promote your website...

If your website is starting to feel stale and you're not getting the consistant flow of new customers that you were promised when you paid your website designer then we want to let you know how to switch to a new web design company and let them take over your website and help you gain new customers.

Switching Website Designers

How hard is it to switch web designers?

It should actually be very straightforward. Once you have found the web designer that you want to take over the maintenance and development of your website your previous designer should be able to pass over the log in details and any web page code, editable image files etc and transfer domains and websites to any new servers where required. If your previous web designer charges you an hourly rate then you can expect to be billed for these transfers according to the time it takes. If you pay a pre-determined maintenance fee then it is likely that your transfer fees will be covered by this.

Your new web designer, be they a freelancer or agency, will be excited by the new project that you bring them and you should expect plenty of new ideas and opportunities from them. But first things first; your website needs to be functional and well performing. Your new designer will need to look everything over and familiarise themselves with the website's code and imagery as well as the existing SEO and how it can all be improved to help you gain new customers. 

For you, the website owner, you will need to approach your previous deisgner to cancel any agreements you have in place and arrange to pay invoices due up to the cancelation date. You will also be responsible for sourcing your new designer (something which you will have probably already done) and making agreements with the new web designer as to what they will achieve for you, how long it will take and how much you will be paying them (and when).

Sourcing your new web designer

There are a few factors to consider when finding the web designer who is right for you. Your business needs the right person with the right skills and this is determined by:

  • The nature of your business
  • The size of the task
  • How much time the designer will need to spend on your website

What is the nature of your business? Is the new designer familiar, or able to get familiar with how you work and where your customers come from?

How much time is going to be needed to get your website working the way you want it to? Your new designer needs to be prepared to commit to the task and if they're juggling several other projects then the amount of time available to you will be less.

How much time the designer will spend on your website will also determine how much you'll be expected to pay for their services. If you're providing the designer with consistent number of hours to work on your website each week then consider negotiating a regular fee rather than getting irregular invoices for hours worked. This way you know how much you will be expected to pay your designer each month and you won't get any billing suprises!

Where is the best web designer for your website?

There's always a need to shop around, but you'll often find the right person close to home. If you're a West Wales based business then finding a designer who is also in West Wales will make it easy for the designer to travel to you regularly. A face to face chat can prove far more productive than email back-and-forth's. A web designer in Shropshire is going to find it difficult to travel to and from Aberystwyth or Pembroke but a website designer already in West Wales will find it easy.

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