Are you looking for a simple SEO plan? The World Wide Web is a global platform where you can market your business’ product or services. It’s a billboard that spans the entire globe. The problem is that you are only a small section of that poster. Here’s 4 easy to follow steps to rank you higher in search engines…

This doesn't need to be complicated to understand. Getting your website in front of your potential customers is an effort involving a good quality website and web pages containing unique content. If you team that up with a website that functions well and shows the right information in the right places then your audience will gather.

4 simple steps to help your website rank higher in search engines

A simple SEO plan

#1 Website Quality - How to impress Google & Co.

You website needs to run smoothly. As well as looking good, a modern and easy-to-read website needs to perform well with fast loading pages, a good combination of new text content (not copied from other websites) and relevant images.

A good web designer will know that website content/image ratio is important as well as image “alt” tags. Page content needs to be kept to a certain subject and be fresh information. Images within the page need to be on topic too and alt tags (part of the code behind the image) need to be in place and precise.

Follow the above and you will have a web page which is ready for the search engines to index.


#2 Behind the Scenes - Are your Meta Tags in order?

Getting your website to perform well in search engines, especially Google, requires a certain element of behind the scenes writing, adding information to your website which is rarely, if ever seen by any other human eye. But the importance of this text is extremely high in explaining briefly to search engines what your website and any particular page is actually about. Meta Tags.

These short lines of basic code in a web page display to search engines an overview of the page content, gives the page a title for search engines and web browsers and also offers up some ‘keywords’ words and phrases highlighting the key points within the text of the web page. Ensuring that your website’s meta tags are all present and in order demonstrates a professional, well written website to any search engine and will aid significantly in getting your website indexed well.


#3 Link new content from social media accounts

If you have a website the likelihood is that you also have social media accounts to help promote your business. Be sure to add links to any new website pages you have from your social media accounts. Search engines will see these links and they will also encourage visitors to your website.

If for any reason you are not on Facebook (as a minimum!) then spare some time to create a facebook page for your business. It's a great way to show existing and potential new customers what you do, what's new with your business and get new products, services and offers out quickly. If you need help creating your facebook page for business feel free to contact us, details are below.


#4 Adding your business details to popular online business directories, for free!

Finding free, popular business directories is quite straight forward. You have probably seen them when searching online…, Yelp,… there are plenty of them and most offer a free link back to your website. So if your website isn’t high up in Google’s search results you can still be found on these directories. Here are a few to get you started. Take advantage of these and when it comes to adding your business information be sure to write new text. Don't copy and paste it from your website. New content works better!


So now you have followed these simple steps your website will look a lot better to search engines and you can start to watch your website perforn better and gain more visitors which you can convert in to paying customers.

if you're adding SEO to your website then I wish you all the best in getting to the top of Google and other search engines and I hope this article helps you. I’m always happy to help with making your website perform better in search engines and can be contacted directly through the P1 Media website (contact us).

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